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Sebastopol Campus: 

(5060 Hessel Ave, Sebastopol)


Hessel Church Services (Worship Center) - 9AM & 10:45AM

Lao/Thai- (Upper CE Building) - 9AM


Santa Rosa Campus: 

(3950 Doubles Dr, Santa Rosa)


Iglesia Hessel- 9AM 

English Service- 10:45AM

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Our Mission:
"Follow Jesus, Be His Presence."

This is the Great Commission that Jesus gave to all believers in Matthew 28:19-20.


Our Vision:

As we seek to Follow Jesus and Be His Presence at Hessel Church, we believe this involves

taking four steps on a spiritual journey.

  • Connect with God

  • Grow in community

  • Serve with purpose

  • Go with gospel intentionality

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Hessel Church has been part of Sonoma County for 113 years. Since our earliest beginnings in 1909, we have enjoyed a rich spiritual legacy passed on by generations who faithfully demonstrated a never-ending dependence and reliance on God's Word. We humbly embrace our rich heritage and desire to pass it along to all who will follow. Jesus said in John 17:17 that God's word is truth and we hold that promise dear as we practically apply it's message to our generation. That is why we say our mission is to "lead people to Follow Jesus and Be His Presence in this generation." We are blessed with a wonderful staff who lead a wide range of ministries that prioritize teaching God's Word, making disciples, and supporting local and global missions.

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Annual report

To get a general overview of how we carry out our

Mission & Vision, check out our latest Annual Report


If you want to dive into more of what we believe,

you can view our complete Doctrinal Statement.

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