In Community

We are not designed to live our lives isolated and alone, but to connect and GROW with a group of friends.

At Hessel our Growth Groups are the primary disciple-making engine of our church. These small groups are designed to be a place where members can grow upward towards Christ, inward towards each other and outward towards the world. We believe it’s better to follow Jesus and be his presence together with other believers. If you’re looking to be challenged, loved and encouraged towards Christ come join one of our Growth Groups and start your journey! 

Growth Groups meet throughout the month in homes around the area. Interested in finding one? Click here.

Question? Email Mike Bishop.

Below are additional ways to help you GROW in community:


faviconAdults and Families

.            •  Growth Groups

.            Hessel Church Facebook page

favicon College and Young Adults

.            • Encounter!

favicon Women’s Ministry

.            • Belong

.            • Moms2Moms (moms with small children)

.            • Hessel Mom2Mom Facebook page (Moms with children)

.            • Bible Studies

.            • Special events

favicon Men’s Ministry

.            • Forged!

favicon Seniors

.            • Keenagers

Children and Youth

favicon Children’s Ministry

.                   Sunday

.                   • Birth to 23 months (Nursery)

.                   • 2 to 5 years

.                   • K to 4th grade

.                   • 5th Grade

.                   Wednesday

.                   • Awana (3 years to 5th grade)

.                   • Hessel AWANA Facebook page (3 years old through 5th grade)

favicon Junior High and High School

.                   Sunday

.                   •  Equip!

.                   Wednesday

.                   • Fusion!