We are excited you’re considering membership in Hessel Church!

Please fill out the application below prior to attending the first class.

While membership is in no way required to be a regular attendee and be actively involved, there are several benefits that may interest you including:

  • Voting on the annual budget
  • Voting for Pastoral and Staff candidates
  • Holding leadership position in teaching and other ministries
  • Holding church office

You will be attending 2 membership orientation meetings.

The first class goes over the requirements for membership, our Doctrine, Constitution and Bylaws, and history (Here’s our Doctrinal Statement, Constitution, and a brief history).

The second is a time of personal testimony (this worksheet will be of help).

New Member Application

Hessel Church


Please complete the following information in order for our pastoral staff to get to know you better. All information you provide is confidential and will be retained in the Senior Pastor’s membership files.


(do not sign until you’ve completed the 2 Membership classes)

“It is my desire to be received into the membership of the Hessel Church. I accept the doctrinal statement of this Church as recorded herein, and subscribe to its constitution and by-laws.

In assuming this membership, I agree to be loyal to the interests of this Church, to seek its purity and prosperity, and to seek to do some definite Christian work. I shall be subject to the discipline of the Church and contribute to its support and to other Christian activities as the Lord shall prosper me, following the Bible’s teaching of Christian stewardship.

If at any time I find myself out of harmony with the practices of this Church, or if my conduct or doctrine is called in question and the matter is taken up by the Board of Elders of the Church, I agree to submit the differences or charges to that Board. If it be found that I am unwilling to settle the difference on Scriptural grounds (Matt. 18:15-17), I hereby authorize said Board to recommend to the Church that my name be removed from the roll of Church Membership.”

Date: ______________                                                    Applicant’s Signature   __________________________________________

Member Status

Date of Application    ____________Membership Class    ____________
Letter of Acknowledgement Sent    ____________Letter of Acceptance    ____________
Coordinating Elder    ____________


Right Hand of Fellowship    ____________


This is to certify that the Board of Elders has accepted the above named individual into the membership of Hessel Church.






                                    Senior Pastor

                                    Date: ____________________________________