We’re excited that you are considering Baptism!

In order to be baptized we ask that you attend an orientation class where we discuss what the Bible says about baptism. Bring any questions you may have.

Please fill out the application below. We’ll contact you with the date of our next class.

Baptism Application


Because a Baptismal Certificate is a legal document, please give your full legal name as it appears on your Birth Certificate. We will keep this application as a part of your personal church file.

Following the Lord in Believer’s Baptism is not the same as church membership. Baptism is your act of obedience to the Lord Jesus in doing that which He asked us to do.

Hessel Church membership requires Believer’s Baptism, but each person requesting church membership also meets with the Elders and shares a personal testimony. Now that you are being baptized...have you considered joining Hessel Church?