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We believe every Christian is to be Jesus' presence in this generation. All are encouraged to intentionally love, serve, and GO like Jesus.

"Go" is not a program, it's a lifestyle!


GO is focused on these 3 areas:

  • GO Personal- Share what God has done to others in your life.

  • GO Local- Find opportunities to make a difference in our community.

  • GO Global- Support missionaries by giving financially, joining their email list as a prayer partner or join a missions trip.

Email the Church Office for upcoming GO opportunities.





Brendan Doonan

South Korea

Hello Hessel family my name is Brendan Doonan and I am serving as a missionary in South Korea. I have been serving here in South Korea for a year and a half. I arrived for the first time at the Hessel church youth group around 7 years ago as an unbeliever. I was 18 years old and identified as agnostic at the time. Through some people involved with the Hessel youth group I came to fully believe and trust in Christ. Hessel will always be my church, the place where I came to know Christ, I will always be thankful for that. In my ministry here in South Korea we have had a shift in our focus from doing an English immersion bible teaching program to more of a focus on local church ministry. We have brought on a set of Korean interns and are beginning to give them bible training in order to help them grow in their faith and help them become gospel advancing leaders in their local church and community. I have also been the replacement speaker for my local church's youth group until they find a new youth pastor. This has been a huge blessing as I have been able to preach directly to the Korean youth and help them grow in their faith. 


For our new group of interns who will be helping with ministry and being discipled by our team. That they can grow in their faith and adjust to their knew internship. For our local church ministry, that we can train youth to not only know the gospel but be able to share it with their friends.


Email Brenden:


Welcome to our Interactive Missions Map! Each pin represents one of our missionaries. Thanks to the generous support from our church family, Hessel Church is involved with missionaries all over the world.

Just click any pin to view a missionary or scroll through the list on the left menu. We encourage you to check out their website or contact them if you would like to know more about their ministry.


Click on the tabs below to view our missionaries and organizations by region

Nathan & Hannah Peterson

Nathan is with Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons: The goal of PAACS is to train Christian African physicians to meet the incredible need for fully trained surgeons in Africa. In addition to providing patient care in head and neck surgery, Nathan works with other faculty surgeons to train the PAACS general surgery residents and the head and neck surgery fellow. Mbingo hospital is one of only two training sites for head and neck surgery in subSaharan Africa (population 1 billion).  PAACS training is composed of both surgical training and Biblical/ theological training. Nathan will be contributing to both aspects of the program.  Hannah is with EMI which provides engineering, architecture, and construction management for organizations oversees reaching out to the poor to share Jesus Christ. EMI has completed 1000+ projects in 90+ countries. Hannah is an associate staff Electrical Engineer with EMI and will continue in this role based out of Cameroon. Hannah will also continue to work with the hospital chaplains in direct patient ministry and through music ministry.

Cyprian Masembe
Rural Uganda

Cyprian Masembe is founder and one of the pastors of Frontier Force Christian Ministries. FFCM has a burden to reach the unreached with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ by establishing and strengthening churches in rural Uganda. This ministry has planted over ten churches to date and has oversight over eight of them as well as a Christian kindergarten and primary school.

Michael & Milsaint Mataya
Mbale, Uganda

Mike and Millie are from the northern (Muslim) part of Uganda.  Mike grew up Muslim, came to know Jesus and now has a ministry leading many to Christ, discipling them and training leaders from all over Uganda and beyond.We met them when they started attending Hessel Church because Millie was at Sonoma State studying business development so she could help in their impoverished part of the world.

Andy and Kathy have been ministering together for 41 years in Christian Camping, Rural Church ministries and the Pastorate. They began a partnership with Frontier Force Christian Ministries in Uganda in 2004 and in 2015 moved from Church ministry to focus full-time on this growing ministry. FFCM has planted 13 churches, 4 farms, 2 schools, and are currently developing a dental/medical clinic. They are working closely with their African leadership team to begin Frontier Force Bible Institute, a new initiative designed to Envision, Equip, Empower and Unleash pastors and new church planters in the rural villages of Uganda.

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