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At Hessel, Growth Groups are our primary relationship building and personal growth venues.

At Hessel Church, Growth Groups are the heartbeat of our community, the arena where faith meets life. Imagine a gathering of 6 to 14 friends knit together to pursue Christ-like transformation. These aren’t just groups, but circles of belonging, where authentic bonds form and every interaction echoes God’s love.


In Growth Groups, friends share life experiences, prayer requests, and delve into meaningful discussions, creating a sanctuary of support, encouragement, and spiritual growth. Modeled after the early church gatherings in Acts, our groups encompass a variety of interests—Men, Women, Young Adults, Marriage and Family, Seniors, Bible Study, Recovery, and Focus Groups—providing a welcoming space for everyone.


Your pathway to deeper faith, a community bound by love, and a life resembling Christ awaits in a Growth Group. Explore, join, make new friends, and let’s echo God’s love in a journey of growth together.


We can help you find the best fit. Contact Pastor Ken Little.

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