Nathan is with Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons: The goal of PAACS is to train Christian African physicians to meet the incredible need for fully trained surgeons in Africa. In addition to providing patient care in head and neck surgery, Nathan works with other faculty surgeons to train the PAACS general surgery residents and the head and neck surgery fellow. Mbingo hospital is one of only two training sites for head and neck surgery in subSaharan Africa (population 1 billion).  PAACS training is composed of both surgical training and Biblical/ theological training. Nathan will be contributing to both aspects of the program.  Hannah is with EMI which provides engineering, architecture, and construction management for organizations oversees reaching out to the poor to share Jesus Christ. EMI has completed 1000+ projects in 90+ countries. Hannah is an associate staff Electrical Engineer with EMI and will continue in this role based out of Cameroon. Hannah will also continue to work with the hospital chaplains in direct patient ministry and through music ministry.