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Hessel Growth Groups

Life is better together. You were designed by God to live in a community.

Growth Groups create a space for people to intentionally connect with others, encourage and support each other through life’s highs and lows, and grow spiritually together. There are a variety of groups to choose from; men’s, women’s, growth (mixed age/gender groups that discuss Sunday’s sermon), focus (groups that focus on a specific topic), volunteer (helping serve on a team), student, older adult, and activity groups. Most groups kick off in late August/early September, and meet regularly through late May/early June.

Find your people. Find your group below, or contact Pastor Ken to help you find your perfect group, so that you can have a place to where you can be real, belong, and grow.

Interested in starting a new group? Email Pastor Ken and he can help you get started on your journey to being a group leader!

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